Chapter 10: Nexit party – part 1

28 February 2018

Dear friends

We are inching towards a party date, band and venue. I’m canvassing a select group of friends to see what dates suit they are available. So please reply to this text very, very, very quickly even if it’s a nil return. Replies needed by 6pm tomorrow if not before.

Venue: South Brent Old School Community Centre

Band: The Ukelectives

Dates: Sat 24th March or Friday 30th March.

Are you free on one or both those dates? Even if you have a preference for one, please let me know if you’d be happy to come on the other date.

If you’d like to see the mighty Ukelectives in action, check out an example of their tongue in cheek pop covers repertoire on YouTube singing ‘We play the music.’ They’re really good to dance to.

I was discussing the funeral venue today with a green funeral company. But we don’t  have a date for that yet!



3 March 2018

Dear non-Brenters

It’s occurred to me that the party thing could be turned into a gentle sociable weekend. So pub lunches, local walks, afternoon tea, that sort of thing. If that appeals, book a Saturday night B&B (if you need accommodation) and bring some stout footwear.

Nige x

4 March 2018

Dear friend

I think the YouTube links did not work for most of those I sent the party details. I hope this second attempt works.

Here’s the Ukes video:

They’re a lot of fun. They manage to do it dead pan somehow.

And here’s Future Islands whose dancing we can imitate:

If you haven’t already replied to my Nexit text about whether you’re coming, can you please do so as soon as possible please (even if you have already told me you have told me prior to that text going out). We need a reasonable idea about numbers and a prompt reply would be very much appreciated.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I’m especially a fan of Dan Snow’s History Hit which is him talking to historians about interesting historical events. I’ve discovered this one last night – which is slightly atypical – in which he talks to a psychotherapist about historical and contemporary attitudes to death and grieving. (See link below). Basically, the message is as a culture we need to talk more openly and honestly about dying and grief than we are accustomed. I hope you listen to it. I also hope my little journey is an opportunity to practice what’s preached both before and after I shuffle of this mortal cliche. There’s an irritating advert in the middle of the episode:

With lots of Nexit


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