Chapter 7: A research idea

“The failure of chemotherapy and the offer of radiotherapy saw a change in mood from stoic equanimity to anxiety. In reflecting on this, I identified a potential research study to inform how patients can be helped to manage the emotional impact of cancer.”

26 November 2016

Dear friends

I once worked for the Social Care Workforce Research Unit at Kings College London. They asked me to write a piece for their blog about my cancer experience.  This is my contribution:

You’ll see that I’m drawing on my experience to propose a research study that has the potential to benefit cancer patients. That is, my post is an effort to find something positive and useful to learn from an unpleasant experience. If you find the account  too in your face, I had to write it that way to make my point clear.

I’d like to see whether there’s interest in the proposed research and to see if it can get off the ground. So if you work in the research, health or care world, feel free to tweet or otherwise circulate the blog.

I’ve just been told that radiotherapy starts next Monday. I’ll have it for each of the subsequent 15 working days.



…the story is to be continued.

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